South Link Health Services was formed in 2010 in response to requests from some of our General Practitioner colleagues wanting to exit practice ownership over the coming years. Since its inception, the South Link Health Group has acquired 43 practices and consolidates these into a network of 23 practices who have formed partnerships with South Link Health Services.

SLHS was established to provide health sector clients with all aspects of Practice Management under a purchase of equity agreement. We work with the owners of the practices to plan their future options with General Practice.

We are a multi-disciplinary development team with:

  • experience in the design of clinical facilities
  • specialist architectural and structural design knowledge
  • project and construction management expertise.

Recent developments include a range of new and re-developed facilities throughout New Zealand catering from 3,000 to 15,000 patients.

Building new facilities or upgrading existing ones allows us to merge solo practices, providing unity, security and collegial support, or, update dated facilities which in turn give us the ability to enhance and grow our patient care services and at the same time provide our colleagues with new technology, education and up skilling opportunities.

South Link Health Services is a not for profit organisation which means our profits go back into the community by way of continuing to grow our health resources and services offered back where it is most needed.

South Link Health Services Goal

As part of the South Link Health Group we will provide equitable and responsive quality health care to our community. We believe General Practice has a vital role in providing care and improving the health of their patients, and their population as a whole.

We strive towards providing an effective health service that presents a high standard of service and communication, while working towards reducing health inequalities. We will treat people with respect, valuing individual cultural and professional diversity. We will invest in education and up-skilling to enhance the professional career of clinicians and staff, making sure best practice is maintained. We will invest in education and staff training to enhance the professional career of clinicians and staff, making sure best practice is maintained and up-skilling is encouraged. South Link Heath Services has an emphasis on teamwork, providing a stimulating and supportive environment for staff, which values their opinions and expertise.


South Link Health Services is committed to supporting the continuity of General Practice in New Zealand by forming active partnerships with existing practices to provide ongoing management, staffing and clinical support.

We provide a range of equity offers to General Practitioners when they want to sell. We are very much in favour of the partnership model similar to that of any existing business model.

What we offer to our partners:

  • Management, including centralised accounting
  • HR and payroll, recruitment and retention of staff
  • IT upgrades, development and support
  • Alternative business structures and strategic planning
  • Purchasing power / industry advocacy
  • Continuity/sustainability of General Practice – both rural and urban
  • Retirement pathways and shareholding
  • Professional development/education

If you are thinking of selling and would like to know about the purchase process contact us and we will talk you through it.

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